Episode 12: Matthew Simmons

On this episode of Minds of Motorsport we talk to 2015 GT Academy winner Matt Simmons. Since winning the competition Matt has raced in the Blancpain GT championship and has competed in the famous Spa 24hr. In this episode we got to discuss the journey of GT Academy and his racing career after it as well as some cool insights into sim racing and the sacrifices and mindset needed to succeed.

Episode 11: Kyle Austin

On this episode of Minds of Motorsport, Aussie Driver Search founder Kyle Austin joins us. During our chat we talk of where the inspiration came from for the idea and the hurdles that Kyle had to overcome to get Aussie Driver Search to where it is today. We also go behind the scenes and learn about what goes on week to week and on an event weekend to make it all possible.

Episode 10: Luke King

On this episode of Minds of Motorsport, Toyota 86 Racing Series driver Luke King joins us for a chat. During our conversation we talk about all aspects of running in the 86 racing series, from car preparation, storage and transport to the running of a race weekend and then sponsorship and maintaining sponsor relationships.

Episode 9: Adam Marjoram

On this episode of Minds of Motorsport we talk to Super2 Series driver Adam Marjoram about time management and work life balance. Adam talks about his experiences through studying and racing, where he shares a lot of insightful tips on how to stay on top of the game when you are time poor.